Canberra Times

AJ Grant Group featured in the Canberra Times in May 2014.

A national building insurance company has called for the ACT government to provide access to the list of Mr Fluffy homes so its workers are not exposed to deadly asbestos in the territory.

A.J. Grant Group employees in Canberra are required to access damaged homes for insurance claims following storms, fires or just general destruction. This puts them in the path of damaged Mr Fluffy homes without knowing the risk of exposure they face. 

A.J. Grant Group national operations manager Rob Nicholls said the Canberra team were called out to about 25 to 30 homes a week for incidents such as damaged roofs from storms or malicious damage like people punching holes in the walls.

He said he had been furious to discover his workers could be exposed to the residual loose-fill asbestos fibres if they were entering Mr Fluffy homes.

''Our experience is that people aren’t forthcoming with that information because of the stigma,'' he said.

''From my position, I think it’s a liability for the government ... because they’ve withheld the information. It’s a very damaging situation.''

Mr Nicholls said he wanted the company to have access to the list so they could mitigate the risk of workers entering the homes. He said he understands the commercial sensitivities but public health should be the most important factor.

The ACT government recently rejected a Freedom of Information request from The Canberra Times asking for the list of homes cleaned under the loose-fill asbestos insulation program.

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FM, Facility Management Magazine

Facility ManagementA

In the October/November edition of FM Facility Management magazine, AJ Grant Group’s Managing Director, Adam Grant talks about the frequency of natural disasters being a far more common occurrence today, whether due to global warming or climate change, still remains a heavily debated topic today.

Adam reiterates that it is paramount that we prepare for natural disasters and ensure we’re adequately insured for our property.  Events we have no control over could have possibly have a myriad of disastrous repercussions, affecting human casualties, environmental catastrophes and financial loss, to mention a few.

Read the full article here where Adam talks about how best to protect your property or to head directly to FM Magazine, click here.

Online Magazine

AJ Grant Group featured in the August and September edition of the online publications Construction Digital and Business Review Australia. 

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