What is the first step when a new claim is received?

When a new claim is received, AJ Grant Building bookings team will make contact with you and will arrange a suitable time for the damages to be assessed by an AJ Grant Building accredited assessor. The assessor will report on the cause of the damage to your property, will provide a Scope of Works (SOW), all repairs to be completed as part of the claim and a quote for the repairs.


What happens after the inspection?

Following the site inspection, the assessor will submit his report and findings to your insurance company. If we are able to automatically proceed, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. If we are unable to proceed automatically, we must await approval from your insurance company. Alternatively, your insurance will contact you to discuss coverage.


What is the process if the claim is covered?

If the damages to your property are covered by your insurance policy and the cost of repairs falls within the authority limits of repairs as provided by your insurer, AJ Grant Building will proceed with the claim and will forward you a detailed scope of works, contract (if required) and an excess payment request.

If the cost of repairs to your property exceed the authority limit as provided by your insurer, AJ Grant will recommend acceptance of the claim and will await authority to be provided by your insurer prior to commencing the repair process.


What does partial cover mean?

Partial cover means that only a part of the damages your property has suffered can be attributed to the event that you have lodged a claim for.

In this instance, only a part of your claim may be covered by your insurer and AJ Grant will provide you with a list of detailed repairs that you will be required to complete prior to any other works being done that relate to the claim.


Scope of Works (SOW) – Repairs to be completed as part of the claim

A detailed scope of works will be provided to you on approval of the repairs by your insurer.

It is a requirement for you to read, agree and sign the scope of works document in acknowledgement of the repairs that we are suggesting to be covered by your insurer.


If the claim is approved the consultant will either:

  1. Authorise repairs to proceed immediately and explain the repair process or
  2. If the cost of repairs exceeds our authorised limit a report will be forwarded to the Insurer.


If Claim is partially approved:

 i.e. only part of the claim is covered under your policy, the consultant will advise you of this and either;

  1. Advise you of any repairs that are to be completed by you before the actual insurance work can commence, or
  2. If the consultant is unable to make a satisfactory judgment of the claim at the time of visit, a report will be forwarded to your Insurer to receive further directions.


Scope of Works

A detailed scope of works will be left with you at the time of assessment or sent to you, if the repairs are approved by our consultant we ask that you read, agree and sign this document in acknowledgement of the repairs that we are suggesting to be covered by your insurance provider.

By signing this document no way guarantees that part or parts thereof of the Scope of Works will be completed unless approved by your insurance provider.



If works are approved it may be necessary for a contract between A J Grant and the insured to be entered into,

If the Scope of Works documentation is approved by the insurance provider, this document will form a minor works contract.

Each states contract requirements differ and these details will be confirmed by your supervisor whilst on-site. If Repair value is greater we may be required to enter into an additional contract. This is a legal requirement and in addition to the scope of works.


Policy Excess; how do I pay and how long do I have to pay it?

Under the terms of your policy you may be required to pay an excess, this must be paid before any repairs can commence. It’s important to note however, if you delay your claim, any additional repairs that occur in the meantime may not be covered

We will collect the excess from yourself on behalf of your insurance provider.

We accept cash, cheque, credit card or EFT. We will forward an excess request upon approval of your claim.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: admin@ajgrantbuilding.com.au


Repairs; when will my repairs start?

Upon receipt of your excess (if applicable) and signed documentation, Purchase Orders will be sent to relevant trades, whom AJ Grant Building directly employs to carry out repairs.  We also have built strong relationships with licensed and experienced subcontractors who will assist in repairing your property.

A Supervisor or Work In Progress (WIP) Coordinator from AJ Grant Building will contact you to advise of trade allocation.

For everyday claims, we anticipate that trades will attend site in approximately 4-5 days. In the event of a storm, this number will vary depending on the severity.

During the repair process, contractors will liaise with the home owners to arrange suitable access to complete repairs, however at all times your AJ Grant Building supervisor will oversee repairs and ensure they are completed to your satisfaction and remains your main point of contact during this time.

At the completion of the repairs you will be contacted by an AJ Grant Building staff member to ensure you are satisfied with the repairs.


Can I have additional repairs done at my property whilst the insurance repairs are being done?

Depending on the extent of the repairs, and ensuring they do not interfere with the insurance repairs, yes.  Either your supervisor or our trades can provide a quote for private repairs.


I’ve been told I have to complete “maintenance” first. Why is this not covered under my claim?

An agreement you made when you took out your insurance policy stated that your home must be kept well maintained and water tight. Your insurance company will not cover any damage that was not covered by a single event.  In the event that they have decided to cover the resulting damage, we require the maintenance to be completed first, to prevent the damage from re-occurring.


Can I choose my own colours and materials for items that are being replaced?

Generally the answer to this is yes. However there are some factors to consider. As insurance only covers you to bring the property back to pre-loss condition, we will only allow for this, but there are still options. For example, if your damaged walls are currently a deep green, and you wish for them to be an off-white, it will take many more coats of paint to achieve the desired result. In this case, you would pay the additional cost for this labour.

Similarly, if we are replacing your vanity, and you wish to upgrade the vanity, you would be the additional material costs for the upgrade




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