Facility Managers

At AJ Grant Building we understand that property management is more than selecting the right occupant or providing a poorly done quick fix solution. Properties need frequent maintenance to ensure they provide the best possible return for investors whilst retaining the occupant and maintaining a harmonious relationship between all parties.

Repairs are a necessary part of the property maintenance cycle and while sometimes they can be an emotional part, they provide an opportunity to impress both the investor and occupant if handled correctly, or can cause an unsettled relationship or even financial loss if processed incorrectly.

Our team is both experienced and skilled in managing all property maintenance needs and we understand the importance of getting it right the first time, every time.

Our work is at all times competitive, reliable and quality finished, meaning you can expect the best possible outcome from any repair works. By utilising our custom built job management system to minimise administrative input we have increased not only the productivity of our administration team, meaning AJ Grant Building is able to process a higher volume of job requests, but also leveraged more time for our team to follow up and answer all customer queries and provide a superior experience for clients.

Our system also ensures jobs are allocated efficiently and effectively for our subcontractors and supervisors, meaning they are able to dedicate more time to assist customers and process repair requests and follow-ups.



  • Our Clients

    Working as a preferred builder for with Australia’s leading insurance companies we also offer facilities management, maintenance and much more

  • Property Owners

    At AJ Grant Building we take your trust seriously and you won’t be disappointed when works are completed on your property, we understand how important getting it right is

  • Working with us

    With offices covering the east coast of Australia and inland AJ Grant Building has something to offer everyone; whether it’s a career change or subcontracting we would welcome your enquiry